"My Dream Was To Play In The Premier League, Now It's To Win It" | The Pride: Billy Gilmour

This is Billy Gilmour's unbelievable Chelsea story! From his amazing performance against Liverpool, to overcoming injury. A true champion in every sense of the word.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba \u0026 Eden Hazard.


  1. EarthTrick99


    19 分钟 前

    the Scottish lampard

  2. Flimsyzozixyz Flimsyzozixyz

    Flimsyzozixyz Flimsyzozixyz

    10 小时 前

    The divergent thailand advantageously bore because carp intriguinly share within a diligent work. breezy, skinny attempt

  3. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali

    13 小时 前

    I wish my parents supported to be a soccer player and send me to england.. but for sure I am sending ma kid to Chelsea academy..

  4. Arthur Goat

    Arthur Goat

    14 小时 前

    Well in wee man 🇬🇧🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. Sunil Ghalleyy

    Sunil Ghalleyy

    16 小时 前

    Massive potential. Needs more minutes, Hope he stays next season

  6. srihari ayapilla

    srihari ayapilla

    天 前

    'Terrible hairstyle' ... man straight up chose violence

  7. Suluh Pandu Dwiartantio

    Suluh Pandu Dwiartantio

    天 前

    Tackle your own kid like that hahahaha 3:42

  8. meme master

    meme master

    天 前

    Next esien

  9. meme master

    meme master

    天 前

    Happy birthday 🎉🎉 billy 🔵⚪🔵⚪❤️

  10. meme master

    meme master

    天 前

    We need to use him

  11. Badger Biter

    Badger Biter

    天 前

    I call him the new Scholes.

  12. Kerwin Ellis

    Kerwin Ellis

    天 前

    Billy's father is a true footballing legend. The man gets a red card just before his son arrives to watch him play. Looking back at it now, it's definitely funny AF. I could imagine the banter between father and son. 😂😅😂

  13. Sinyo Kelen

    Sinyo Kelen

    天 前

    Chelsea forever

  14. Colin Lai

    Colin Lai

    2 天 前

    Such a nice kid, love to learn, down to earth. Kante can be his perfect mentor. Hope he can learn fast.



    2 天 前

    Hope Chelsea can make this young man a great player for Scotland

  16. Wild About Camping

    Wild About Camping

    2 天 前

    Billy Gimour's mum....hmmmmm

  17. Ba Bru

    Ba Bru

    2 天 前

    My gosch i waited so long for this one, thank you cfc

  18. Abdi TZ

    Abdi TZ

    2 天 前

    We love you billy

  19. pyrmdschms


    2 天 前

    09:07 love how he thought hazard was gonna try and win the ball back - he didn't even used to bother doing that in games 🤣

  20. DreamEr


    2 天 前

    Chelsea, Please keep this young talent in your plans for the upcoming years. He has alot more to give. He is a very solid player and can help grow into a better version of himself! Go Blues!

  21. Andrew Quinlan

    Andrew Quinlan

    2 天 前

    Got him to 96 on fifa 21. Need I say more

  22. Mohamed ilmi

    Mohamed ilmi

    2 天 前

    Gilmour gut like 👍👌

  23. Arnav Mishra

    Arnav Mishra

    3 天 前

    Gotta be a chelsea hater rather than a football supporter to dislike this video

  24. SkieBie


    3 天 前

    This guy is so underrated, could easily be our new kante in a few years !

  25. Colin Hughes

    Colin Hughes

    3 天 前


  26. olawale junaid olawale junaid

    olawale junaid olawale junaid

    3 天 前

    I am scare Chelsea could loose Gilmore to Barcelona.

  27. tolani akinola

    tolani akinola

    3 天 前

    Billy is Chelsea very own Xavi watch the space

  28. Amir


    3 天 前

    Absolutely fantastic production and editing. Superb.

  29. alicia eden

    alicia eden

    3 天 前

    Kante watching this💙😬😂

  30. Joseph Barker

    Joseph Barker

    3 天 前

    He is my favorite young player in football reminds me so much of Luka modrich

  31. Tapiwa James

    Tapiwa James

    3 天 前

    This shouldn't be free great video give us more though next up CHO and Tammy or Reece

  32. Chris Ohrugo

    Chris Ohrugo

    3 天 前

    This was so well done

  33. sion sebastian

    sion sebastian

    3 天 前

    our next Fabregas. Love him.

  34. amir khateri

    amir khateri

    3 天 前

    New masy Mount

  35. krxs_ iguess

    krxs_ iguess

    3 天 前

    he gonna lead the scots to win the euros😏

  36. Given Geli

    Given Geli

    3 天 前

    Love This Documentary.

  37. Muhammad Adam Khusyairi

    Muhammad Adam Khusyairi

    3 天 前

    Really want to see him play again full 90 mnt..

  38. Vic27


    3 天 前

    Gotta love his Dad, always making sure his son stays grounded

  39. simply2good


    4 天 前


  40. ian jimmy

    ian jimmy

    4 天 前

    the maturity how he play with his age is amazing.... all the best Billy.. congratulation for win the CL

  41. Mohamed Sirleaf

    Mohamed Sirleaf

    4 天 前

    Genius youngster Billy Gilmour

  42. Irffreezy •

    Irffreezy •

    4 天 前

    Billy is a brilliant top prospect but we have to give massive credits to Lampard as well. If it was not for him, Billy would never have that chance to even be in the first squad, let alone be in the UCL-winning squad this season.

  43. Suleman Hussein Aboki

    Suleman Hussein Aboki

    4 天 前

    Future Legend

  44. M.C. Clap-yo-handZ

    M.C. Clap-yo-handZ

    4 天 前

    He will be NG’s replacement. I think he’s got that type of quality in his future if he stays healthy

  45. jacques mesrine

    jacques mesrine

    4 天 前

    Really have high hopes for this lad. I hope he grows in skill and plays tough matches to improve. Even Keano praised Gilmore! That means you know he's good.

  46. A ! Nấm ĐTHT

    A ! Nấm ĐTHT

    4 天 前

    Cố gắng lên chàng trai. Mọi nỗ lực sẽ được đền đáp

  47. Wasting Time

    Wasting Time

    4 天 前

    if i could triple like this video, i would 👍👍👍🔵🔵🔵🙌🙌🙌

  48. Nishanth Sanjeevi

    Nishanth Sanjeevi

    4 天 前

    Billy is getting the PL young player of the year very soon.

  49. Ronald Piotrowski

    Ronald Piotrowski

    4 天 前

    Next:Tammy Abraham

  50. Judah Nelson

    Judah Nelson

    4 天 前

    What a player we have in Gilmour!

  51. André Rosenquist

    André Rosenquist

    4 天 前

    Where’s the pride Andreas Christensen?

  52. KM4L


    4 天 前

    Billy is young needs to work on his weakness because when the time comes and minutes are given he needs to play like he is undroppable. He gives us short people hope. My favorite youth player. Imagine Gilmour getting his defensive ability learning from Ngolo and dribbling from kovacic and passing from jorginho

  53. Moscow Gonzo

    Moscow Gonzo

    4 天 前

    I like that this Chelsea's generation has so big old school vibe! Although they are very young. But they look like the 60's players and people. Adore that.

  54. John Mitchell

    John Mitchell

    4 天 前

    This lad will look 29 when he's 50

  55. SirEEf


    4 天 前

    I love how they put in subtitles for Kante

  56. Md.Towfiqul Alam

    Md.Towfiqul Alam

    4 天 前

    did he just snatch away ball from hazard.??...coool

  57. Ray Mullababii

    Ray Mullababii

    4 天 前

    I don't want another cm, let jorginho run out another year, I like rice but he is going to stop billy's progression and Gilmore has a higher ceiling

  58. Aine Jonathan

    Aine Jonathan

    4 天 前

    Is still young to do better

  59. Rafael Bouet Gabriel

    Rafael Bouet Gabriel

    4 天 前

    For me he needs to go to a place he would get appreciated in every sense. When you have a possible elite young figure like Mount in your club it's going to be difficult to make the squad. Gilmour is amazing.

  60. precious Oji

    precious Oji

    4 天 前

    The boy has a bright future

  61. Hafizhul Amri

    Hafizhul Amri

    4 天 前

    Thank you for adding the substitle!

  62. Euro football updates

    Euro football updates

    4 天 前

    Lad needs a game time, full potential, kijana fantastic....

  63. BOY from the EAST

    BOY from the EAST

    4 天 前

    I wish all my best wishes to him for the coming days....I hope I could see u becoming the best and reciveing the BALLONDO'R... IT'S My dream for u...

  64. BOY from the EAST

    BOY from the EAST

    4 天 前

    We love u Billy... Pride of London...pride of Chelsea...

  65. Neo Ren Jie

    Neo Ren Jie

    4 天 前

    Don't send him out on loan. He needs to familiarise with the tactics and get opportunities to play in the first team. He still has more than a decade ahead of him, he'll definitely get starts.

  66. Halea CCK Zopa

    Halea CCK Zopa

    5 天 前

    Love From Mizoram...

  67. Hann Wee

    Hann Wee

    5 天 前

    Billy train with the best team in europe,billy will reach his top level performance

  68. M Miftahus Salam

    M Miftahus Salam

    5 天 前

    Don't let him go.. thx

  69. SoSa.


    5 天 前

    im 15 currently playing for arsenal i want to achieve this🙌🙌🙌

  70. Chelsea die hard

    Chelsea die hard

    5 天 前

    As Chelsea we should never sell him

  71. Chelsea die hard

    Chelsea die hard

    5 天 前

    This kid is going to me a very tough midfielder,the likes of Andrea pirlo

  72. Abdi Kadir

    Abdi Kadir

    5 天 前

    Imagine France Vs Scotland in the Euro final! Re-union between Billy, Kante, Giroud, Zouma etc

  73. Anvay Gupta

    Anvay Gupta

    5 天 前

    Great talent will become one of the biggest orchestrates in football. That accent tho

  74. Ameer Ali777

    Ameer Ali777

    5 天 前


  75. Sooby


    5 天 前

    Gilmour has the potential to be like Fabregas. I know he watched a lot of Fabregas videos when he was younger. We are missing a midfielder who can ping balls like Fabregas. If he can fulfill that then he can be a great asset to the club. I am surprised Fabregas wasn't mentioned by Billy here, but he did mention him last time I watched his video watching Fabregas play and learning from him. Big ups to Billy. He will get more game time in future. Hope he can become a Superstar for us. Good luck Billy. Remember success only comes to those who work hard. Keep working hard. You will get there and make it. KTBFFH

  76. Aaron Ryan

    Aaron Ryan

    5 天 前

    love billy love chelsea what a video ! up the blues !!!

  77. 폴라베어


    5 天 前

    I believe that he will become next Kante



    5 天 前

    Gilmour = lampard

  79. Mu_chang official

    Mu_chang official

    5 天 前

    He becomes a young rolemodel

  80. S mh

    S mh

    5 天 前

    I hope Gilmour is learning from kante.

  81. Am Just Yell

    Am Just Yell

    5 天 前

    His english though

  82. Jamie McDonald

    Jamie McDonald

    5 天 前

    In a couple year billy will be best player in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 no discussion

  83. Ernest John

    Ernest John

    5 天 前

    You can always see with his movement on the pitch, Billy Gilmour has talent. Both on and off the ball. Actually for him, off the ball work matters most.

  84. Kas


    5 天 前

    I wish Billy nothing but the best at Chelsea, happy to have the brilliant young man.

  85. Dragonblazzer969


    5 天 前

    When I saw him play that way against Liverpool, I knew I'd see him again. I sincerely hope he replaces one of our aging players permanently soon! Big up, Billy! He's got the right mentality and temperament, and he's surrounded by winners like Mount, James, etc. He'll be on his way, and us fans will love him to bits

  86. Sahil


    5 天 前

    That accent is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 .

  87. AzabuJubanGaijin


    5 天 前

    This is great! Billy, please know you have tons of fans in Japan! Keep it up!!!

  88. Theo Samuels

    Theo Samuels

    5 天 前

    Terrible hairstyle 😂

  89. Dilip Boga

    Dilip Boga

    5 天 前

    Amazing profiling… literally had goosebumps throughout the video… i have always liked billy… i loved to play with him in FIFA ever since he was their … amazing players

  90. reclose_420


    5 天 前

    Generational talent 😍

  91. Mike Ang Sámanigo Elias

    Mike Ang Sámanigo Elias

    5 天 前

    Please dont sell him!!! Marina

  92. Desciples Of Thomas Sankara

    Desciples Of Thomas Sankara

    5 天 前

    I'm South African and I really dig the Scottish accent, it sounds so cool bro. 😄

  93. country clubbin

    country clubbin

    5 天 前

    Billy has a bright future! Keep doing your thing billy! Your time is coming....

  94. Joshua Thomas

    Joshua Thomas

    5 天 前

    Billy will be a superstar he showed us what he can do in that match against city couple of weeks ago he played great

  95. Deepak Saini

    Deepak Saini

    5 天 前

    If you he think is a small scot , he'll tackle you out of the ground, Even though he's a teen he'll pass around you like you weren't even seen , oh billy gillmour

  96. Abhra Das

    Abhra Das

    5 天 前

    Genuinely think that he should be sent out to loan this season....to any mid table club in the premier league itself...Mason has done it..tammy has done it...reece has done it..look where are they now.. this will improve billy's physical and mental development!

  97. Steven Hill

    Steven Hill

    5 天 前


  98. ruman123


    5 天 前


  99. Vicky Gitonga

    Vicky Gitonga

    5 天 前

    Had to put up subtitles man 😂😂😂😂😂billys accent

  100. thomas müller 13

    thomas müller 13

    5 天 前

    I want to be like him because i think he is a good player